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Tire Change Services

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Phil’s Towing and Transport is a family-owned towing company based in Kamloops that has been providing roadside emergency services throughout the BC interior since 2010. If you need a tire changed, we can come to you and change your tire for you.

Looking for more than only tire change services? Go to our Services page for more.

How We Can Help

When providing any roadside emergency services, Phil’s Towing will meet you where you’re stuck.  We provide professional services at a competitive price.

We can change your tire or pump air into it. We cannot fix a tire on the side of the road. If you need repairs or a tire replacement, we will tow you to the nearest mechanic or tire shop!

To help:
-We will need to know some information about your vehicle and where you are.
-You will need your wheel lock key, if your wheels use one.

Contact us right away to get started!

To the surprise of many, some modern vehicles don’t carry a stock spare tire. Please check that you have a spare tire on your vehicle so we can determine whether you need tire change services or towing services.

If you’ve lost your wheel lock key, we have a kit for getting the wheel lock off.

Phone or text us in Kamloops for roadside emergency services.

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