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Kamloops and Area Towing Services with Phil's Towing

We are a small family-owned business that has been operating out of Kamloops since 2010.  Our owner/operator has extensive experience in all aspects of towing and transport, working for multiple companies on the lower mainland, Kamloops, and Penticton before starting his own business in 2010. We are fully insured to protect your property during transport and delivery.  Although we are based out of Kamloops, we do offer services to the entire province and can go out-of-province with advanced planning.

Choose Phil's Towing for:

Auto Towing

This service involves towing any type of vehicle to another location. Whether you are stranded on the side of the road due to an accident or a mechanical issue, Phil’s Towing can come to your rescue and transport your vehicle safely to your preferred destination.

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RV & Trailer Hauling

If you need to transport a trailer or RV, Phil’s Towing can help. We have specialized equipment and a transporter plate that simplifies the process for you. This service is ideal if you need to move your vehicle a long distance or across provincial lines.

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Roadside Emergency Services

Phil’s Towing provides assistance when your vehicle breaks down on the road. We offer a range of services, including gas delivery, battery boosts, tire changes, and vehicle unlocks. These services are designed to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible, to help you get to your destination or the next service station.

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Roadside Emergency Services include:

Gas Delivery
Running out of gas while on the road is a common occurrence. If this happens to you, we can deliver gas to your location to help you to the next gas station.

Battery Boost
If your car won't start because of a dead battery, we can provide a battery boost. This involves jump-starting your car so you can get to your destination.

Tire Changes
If you get a flat tire while driving, we can change your tire for you. We have the necessary tools and expertise to change a tire quickly and safely.

Vehicle Unlocks
If you accidentally lock your keys in your car, a towing service can help by unlocking your vehicle. This service is a lifesaver if you are stranded and need to get back on the road quickly.

Safety Warning for DIY Roadside Assistance:

While the idea of handling roadside emergencies on your own might seem appealing, it comes with significant risks. If you and your vehicle are not protected by a coverage car or a safety barrier, the chances of getting hit by oncoming traffic increase dramatically. This not only endangers your life but also poses a serious threat to your passengers. The aftermath of such incidents can be catastrophic, leading to severe injuries or even fatalities. It's crucial to remember that busy highways and roads are unpredictable, and without the proper safety measures, you're exposing yourself to unnecessary dangers. That's why we strongly recommend relying on professionals for roadside assistance. Our team is trained to handle emergencies with the utmost safety precautions, ensuring that you, your passengers, and your vehicle remain protected. Your safety is our priority, and we urge you to prioritize it too.