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Roadside Tire Change Service: What to Expect from Phil's Towing

August 25th 2023

We've all experienced those unexpected moments when a flat tire throws a wrench into our plans. That's where a reliable towing company like Phil's Towing comes to the rescue. Based in Kamloops and serving the surrounding area, Phil's Towing is a small, family-owned business that has been providing top-notch towing and roadside emergency services since 2010. So, what exactly can you expect when you find yourself in need of a roadside tire change from Phil's Towing? Let's take a look.

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Prompt Response and Communication

When you're stranded with a flat tire, time can be of the essence. That's why Phil's Towing, led by the owner Phil himself, takes pride in a prompt response and efficient communication. As soon as you place a call for roadside tire change help, Phil will be able to let you know how long it will take for him to be there to assist you. He’ll confirm your location and provide an estimated time of arrival, so you know exactly when help will arrive. Whether you're stuck on a busy highway or in a remote area, Phil's Towing will do their best to reach you quickly.

Trained and Equipped

Tire changes may be simple, but changing them quickly on the side of a busy highway requires expertise and the right tools. Phil's Towing understands this well. With years of experience under his belt, Phil possesses the necessary skills to handle tire changes efficiently. Rest assured that when Phil's Towing arrives, you'll be greeted by a professional who knows his way around a tire change. Equipped with a reliable jack, lug wrench, and all the necessary tools, Phil is prepared to get you back on the road in no time.

Keep in mind that some modern vehicles don’t carry a stock spare tire. Please check that you have a spare available so Phil can determine whether you need tire change services or towing services.

Safety Precautions

When changing a tire on the side of a road, safety is a top priority. Phil’s Towing takes every precaution to ensure the well-being of both everyone during the tire change process. Phil will activate hazard lights, wear a reflective vest, and set up warning signs to alert other drivers of the roadside work. By following proper protocols, Phil's Towing ensures a safe environment while efficiently completing the tire change.

We recommend that drivers do not attempt DIY roadside tire changes on highways and busy roads in BC. Chances of a collision with passing vehicles increases without a proper coverage vehicle and other safey precautions. Please prioritize safety by waiting in your vehicle for a professiona like Phil's Towing to arrive.

Efficient Tire Change Process

Once on-site, Phil will assess the condition of your damaged tire. He'll inspect it thoroughly and provide expert advice on whether it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. If a spare tire is not carried on your vehicle, Phil's Towing will tow you to where you need to go. Either way, Phil’s Towing will get you back on the road or to your destination as efficiently as possible.

Payment and Documentation

When it comes to payment, Phil's Towing aims to make the process as seamless as possible. They accept various payment methods, including cash, major credit cards, and debit for your convenience. To keep a record of the service, Phil's Towing provides you with an invoice or service receipt, which can be valuable for insurance claims or reimbursement purposes.

In times of tire trouble in Kamloops, let Phil's Towing be your reliable partner. Their prompt response, expertise, safety precautions, and convenient payment options make them a top choice for roadside tire change services in Kamloops and the surrounding area. With Phil's Towing, you can have peace of mind knowing that you'll receive professional assistance and a friendly face when you're in a tire-related bind.

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