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Towing Memorable Vehicles and Unique Items in BC

June 5th 2024

At Phil's Towing, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional towing services across Kamloops and beyond. From recreational boats to classic cars and even unusual items like sheds and sea cans (aka c-cans),our experiences on the road are as diverse as they are memorable. Here are some of the most interesting tows we've handled recently with small vehicles and unusual items.

Towing a Family-Built Recreational Boat from Tobiano to Squamish

Tow truck pulling a boatOne of our most heartwarming and exciting tows involved transporting a family-built recreational boat from Tobiano to Squamish. This wasn't just any boat; it was a labour of love, crafted from scratch by a dedicated family. The journey was not just about moving a boat but about helping a family see their beloved boat take to new waters. The route was scenic, and delivering the boat safely to Squamish was satisfying for all.

Safeguarding a Classic Car in Kamloops

Towing a yellow classic car in Kamloops with Phil's TowingClassic cars are treasures that require special care, and at Phil's Towing, we understand the responsibility that comes with towing such vehicles. Recently, we had the pleasure of towing a beautiful, classic yellow car across the Kamloops North Shore to Boomers Auto Centre, a highly-reviewed auto shop in Kamloops with experience fixing classic cars. This car wasn't just a vehicle; it was a piece of history, cherished by its owner. Our team took every precaution to ensure it arrived in pristine condition. We believe in helping our customers take care of their classic vehicles, ensuring they can continue showing them off for years to come.

Ensuring the Safe Transport of a Land Rover to Kelowna

Flatbed tow truck towing a landroverTowing a Land Rover from Kamloops to a dealer in Kelowna presented its own set of challenges. The car had recently been cleaned, and the owner was particularly concerned about maintaining its pristine condition. We understand that our customers' vehicles are their pride and joy, and we go above and beyond to ensure the vehicle’s safety and quality during the tow. Like all tows, we handled the vehicle with the utmost care, ensuring it arrived in Kelowna safely and almost as clean as when it left Kamloops. It's a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction and the high standards we set for ourselves.

An Unusual Tow: A Shed Made of Recycled Bottles

Tow truck transporting a shedAt Phil's Towing, no job is too unconventional. We recently towed a shed made entirely of recycled bottles across Kamloops to Barnhartvale. This unique structure was both fragile and fascinating. Our expertise in handling delicate and unusual items came into play, ensuring the shed reached its destination without a hitch. We’re experienced in towing similarly shaped items because of how often we tow c-cans, but this item was unusual enough that we wanted to show it off! Whether it's a shed, a sea can, or any other unconventional item, we're ready to handle it.

The Challenge of Towing Two Police Cars Simultaneously to Langley

Tow truck pulling two police cars in BCTowing police cars is always an interesting task, and towing two at the same time from Vernon to the police garage in Langley was a notable feat. With one car on our flatdeck truck and another towed behind, it was a complex operation that required precision and expertise. The journey was smooth, and both cars were delivered to their destination efficiently. This experience underscored our capability to handle multiple tows simultaneously and our commitment to supporting local law enforcement (or first responder vehicles) whenever needed.

Going the Extra Mile

While these stories are just a few examples of the unique tows we've handled, they reflect our dedication to providing top-notch towing services. Based in Kamloops, Phil's Towing is always ready to travel throughout the province and even out of province with enough notice. Our team is equipped to handle a wide variety of towing needs, from standard vehicle tows to the most unusual requests.

Each tow we undertake is treated with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Whether it's a family-built boat, a classic car, or a shed, we're here to help you tow your vehicles and other items safely and securely. At Phil's Towing, we don't just tow vehicles; we move stories, memories, and cherished items, making sure they reach their destinations just as they left.

So, if you ever find yourself in need of a tow, remember that Phil's Towing is just a call away. We're here to help, no matter how unique or challenging the job may be. Thank you for trusting us with your towing needs, and we look forward to helping you if you get stuck on your next adventure on the road.

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